Cyber security

Our clients who have fallen victim to online fraud can count on comprehensive service in this area.

We employ specialists with both theoretical and practical knowledge
about all types of cybercrimes, such as phishing, malware or hacking.

Criminal proceedings

Our goal is to conduct an investigation through the actions of the prosecutor's office,
bringing charges and then issuing a judgment convicting the perpetrator of the crime.

The debtor has only two options - make the payment or suffer the penalty in accordance with the judgment.

Civil proceedings

Civil proceedings enable obtaining a payment order.

The next step is to obtain an enforcement clause to then
pursue their claims on the basis of an enforcement title through enforcement proceedings conducted by a bailiff.

Local and amicable
debt collection

We employ professional debt collectors with several years of experience in their profession.
Their task is to persuade the debtor, which leads to faster repayment of our client's debt.

Economic Intelligence

Our intelligence team relies mainly on licensed detectives
cooperating with the economic department of the police and having their own information base.

We also cooperate with external detective agencies.

International Affairs

We cooperate with law firms and debt collection agencies throughout Europe.
With their help we successfully recover money across the continent.