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If you have landed on our law firm's website, you have most likely fallen victim to stock market fraud.

Don't worry - we can help you!

We have already handled many cases related to "broker fraud". Many years of experience, knowledge of fraudsters' methods of operation and legal knowledge allow us to provide comprehensive assistance in recovering money from the broker. Each injured client is treated individually, according to their needs.

What is a “broker scam”?

You receive a call from an advisor who gives you a vision of how to quickly and easily multiply your savings. All you need is an appropriate investment platform, Your financial contribution and specialist support.

It's a one in a million chance, so you decide to take it. All the more so because the broker sounds professional and the prospect of profits becomes extremely encouraging.
You provide him with your details, a scan of your ID, and create an account on the platform he chooses. Then you make subsequent transfers and eventually you encounter problems with the payment of your generated profits.

The dishonest broker then requires further deposits to enable the withdrawal of the client's money, which only ends in an even greater loss. Eventually you start to realize that you have fallen victim of fraud.

Dishonest brokers, or more precisely - cybercriminals, use various manipulation techniques and methods to steal your money.

Usually, for stock fraud (including Bitcoin or Global Maxis frauds), they use the AnyDesk program, after which they can track your computer screen and even take control of it. They see your logins and passwords, so they can not only clear your account, but even take out a loan or credit in your name.

Over time, contact with them becomes difficult, and you not only don't earn money, but you also lose money.

Fortunately, it is never too late.

If you were not aware that you were talking to a dishonest broker, you can get help in getting your money back.
Don't worry - we can help you!

When you realize that you have fallen victim to fraud, you start wondering how to get your money back from the broker. First you should:

  • file a crime report to the police;
  • file a complaint with your bank;
  • apply for a BIK report, from which you will find out what loans and credits the dishonest broker took out on your data;
  • block your ID card and block your payment cards.

Even if the police do not find the perpetrator and your bank refuses to accept the complaint, you are not at a loss.

At Nexus Group, we are here to provide you with comprehensive assistance in recovering your money from the broker.

Recovering money from a broker is our specialty!

Broker fraud has become extremely common and has caused many people to lose their entire life savings.
We know the scale of this phenomenon and we know how to help you get your money back. We have knowledge about frauds related to investing on stock exchanges and cryptocurrency trading. Thanks to this and many years of experience, we can provide you with legal assistance and conduct an investigation that will help you recover your lost money.

We will analyze your case FREE and prepare a proposal for help.

We operate remotely, so we will provide you with support regardless of where you live.
Contact us if:

  • You fell victim to a dishonest broker and as a result, you lost your savings (e.g. by investing in the stock market or trading in cryptocurrencies).
  • The cybercriminal gained remote access to your computer and made unauthorized transactions from your account.
  • Your data has been stolen and was used to take out a loan in your name, or someone is using your identity as a "dummy".

We will help you get your money back.

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Clients about us

  • We have tools and use appropriate investigative techniques that allow us to effectively verify dishonest stock brokers.
  • Recovering money from a dishonest broker is our specialty, and your case is handled by a qualified team.
  • We provide assistance in formal matters and cooperate with law enforcement agencies, banks and other financial institutions on your behalf.
  • We take on the most difficult cases, knowing that everyone should be able to get help in recovering money from a broker.
  • We provide a fully individual approach and maximum commitment to your case.

We are currently conducting proceedings against several companies, including:

Digital Invest Group UB (albo Fortune Investment Group), Bitcenter, Lamelle Financial, Capital Group, Major Trade, Midside Finances czy GCBLondonLTD.

Don't act on your own - a dishonest broker will take advantage of your ignorance and any mistake.
This may make the situation worse.

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