Our detective office was established to provide support in the most difficult situations.
We provide comprehensive and professional legal assistance provided by experienced specialists. Our team consists of detectives, legal advisors, lawyers and experts in combating cybercrime - thanks to this, we are able to provide you with immediate assistance and conduct an investigation that will help solve any problem.

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Combating online fraud is our specialty - contact us and explain your situation, and we will take care of the rest!

How do internet scammers work?

One of the most common methods of extorting money from unaware Internet users is the so-called "broker fraud". Cybercriminals advertise, among others, on social networking sites, they offer quick and large profits, e.g. by encouraging people to invest in shares of well-known companies or cryptocurrencies.

The investor logs in to the fake platform and then receives a phone call from a consultant who advises how to transfer money in order to achieve large profits or instructs how to install special software on the computer that is supposed to support the investing process. Unfortunately, such a program is a way to take control of the device and gain access to your bank account. Then it is "cleared" and the investor, tempted by quick earnings, is deprived of his savings.

It is also very common to obtain personal data, which cyber fraudsters then use for various purposes, e.g. extorting credits/loans, making purchases at your expense or impersonating you, e.g. on FOREX markets.
Effect? Serious financial and personal consequences, even civil or legal liability. To become a victim of such a fraud, all it takes is a little - usually providing the cybercriminal with a scan or photo of your ID card.

Therefore, if you have fallen victim to online fraud, do not wait and do not act on your own.

Turn your case to professionals - the sooner you do it, the greater the chances of recovering the extorted money and punishing the fraudster!

What do we do?

We specialize in exposing online fraudsters and recovering extorted money. We have many years of experience, we have handled many cases related to broker fraud or personal data theft, and we know perfectly well how to help our clients in every matter.

However, online fraud is not everything. We also conduct cyber interviews and collect data (including telephone numbers), install cameras and GPS, and deal with economic matters.

Internet fraud

  • We have knowledge about frauds related to investing on stock exchanges and trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • We know the methods of operation of cybercriminals and have the necessary tools thanks to which we can verify dishonest brokers and recover the money they have extorted.
  • Our detectives use appropriate investigative techniques and cooperate with law enforcement agencies, banks and financial institutions.

Thanks to this, we can fully individually provide you with comprehensive support in the most difficult situations.
Cyber intelligence and data gathering

Using the knowledge and experience of investigative IT specialists, we are able to check information about a given person or company.

We search not only social networking sites, but also places on the Internet that are inaccessible through regular browsers (e.g. Deep Web or Dark Web).
As a result, we are able to obtain personal data and verify facts about life, interests and place of work.

This may be helpful not only to identify an online fraudster, but also another dishonest person or company.


In detective work, specialized equipment is necessary, which helps locate a given person, ensure the client's safety or detect a crime.
That's why we use modern cameras and GPS systems, thanks to which we are able to ensure high effectiveness of our operations.

The devices we have are small and easy to hide, so they remain unnoticed by others, and the surveillance image can be recorded in memory or sent online, which allows you to preview the image in real time.

Economic matters

In our detective agency, we also support business owners.

We conduct business intelligence, verify the honesty of business partners and contractors, detect unfair competition activities, and identify hidden assets.
Moreover, we conduct economic investigations aimed at detecting fraud or extortion, and we prepare evidence for court proceedings.

All this so that your company can operate dynamically and develop without any restrictions.
Why us?

  • We operate quickly and professionally, based on many years of experience and specialist knowledge
  • The topic of investment fraud is our specialty, but we also offer other services, providing support to individuals and business owners.
  • We cooperate with law enforcement agencies, banks and various types of financial institutions.
  • Our team includes not only detectives, but also lawyers, legal advisors, investigative IT specialists and specialists in combating cybercrime.
  • We offer a fully individual approach and full commitment to your case.
  • We have modern detective equipment and use proven investigative techniques.
  • We also undertake difficult, seemingly unsolvable cases.

By using the services of our detective agency, you will increase your chances of recovering defrauded money.
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